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According To Oxford Study Digital Screen Time Has Little Effect On A Teenager’s Mental Health

According To Oxford Study Digital Screen Time Has Little Effect On A Teenager’s Mental Health

The effect of digital screen time has always been a topic of discussion because there are many surveys which state digital technology is causing a lot of negative impact on teens mental health. However, according to the recent study done by some researchers from Oxford University, it’s been found that digital screen time has no side effect on a teen’s mental health. In this study, the researchers studied thousands of teenagers plus their habit of using digital devices, and it’s been concluded that digital technology has only .04 percent effect on a teens mental health. There are many assumptions regarding the overuse of digital technology, and one of them is that it causes depression or anxiety, but this study proves all of those theories wrong. The researchers said that they used a technique called Specification Curve Analysis (SCA) to bifurcate the data correctly.

The result of this study shows that there’s a misconception in the majority of the people’s mind regarding the usability of digital technology and that needs to be changed. However, in this study, it’s been found that most of the teens go through bad mental health state because of the drinking and marijuana. Bullying is also one of the primary reason behind a person’s sadness, and this study proves that there are many other problems like drinking, bullying, smoking which makes most of the teens unhealthy and not the digital technology.

The researcher said that there needs to be more awareness between the policymakers and parents regarding the fact that the digital screen does not affect a person’s health. Some health experts think that the study does not demonstrate the total effect because the researchers did not consider the number of time teenagers the average spend on digital devices. However, even after such skepticism, it can say that digital screen time has marginally less effect on youngsters health.

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