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Alabama City Puts A Ban On The Controversial E-Cigarettes

Alabama City Puts A Ban On The Controversial E-Cigarettes

When it comes to using vaping products the US is going through a lot of hard phases because the consumption of these products has increased rapidly from last few years. Now there are many states in the country which are trying to ban these e-cigarettes and Alabama has joined that list. According to the recent report which states that E-cigarettes are now prohibited in the Decatur city, because recently the Decatur city council voted 4-1 in order to impose banning on using these e-cigarettes in the public places in the town like restaurants, parks or bars, etc. Decatur city council had already shown their concerns over the use of vaping products and to stop such things now the local authority has decided to put a legal ban on these products. Vaping will be still allowed for those who want to smoke but only inside of the selected stores, and no one can sell the vaping products without proper permission from the local authority.

However, this is not the first time the city has taken such type of decisions because in 2007 The Decatur council passed the law which banned the cigars and cigarettes also. The rules relating to smoking activity have always been strict in this state, and that’s why the council who was concerned over the use of these vaping products finally now have put the ban. Vaping products have been gaining lots of popularity from last few months among the teenagers and youngsters. According to various surveys which shows that many high school students now have become addicted to these vaping products and that’s the reason the city officials decided to impose a ban these products which are destroying young generations life.

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