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Apple May Ditch Lightning for USB-C in New iPod Touch Models

Apple May Ditch Lightning for USB-C in New iPod Touch Models

According to the supply chain sources, Apple is planning to launch the iPod Touch in the markets this year. Apple is currently in the process of the planning and development for new iPod Touch models, which are expected to release in the fourth quarter of this year. Just like the iPad Pro models in 2018, the iPod Touch may have the USB-C ports instead of standard Lightning ports. There are no more details available on the iPod Touch at the moment, but the USB-C inclusion might be real. Apple was planning to introduce USB-C in latest generation iPod devices for a long time.

According to the Supply Chain news blog, the company may introduce the low-end iPod touch for the users, who are not yet ready to access the smartphones. But with the iPod touch, they can assess the uses of the smartphone and get addicted to the iOS platform. There are no iPod models available in the market except the iPod Touch 2016 model as the company discontinued the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle in 2017.

Not just the iPod Touch, but the Supply Chain news blog claims that Apple might introduce USB-C in most of their smartphones. Currently, the iPad Pro 2018 edition is the only Apple device with the USB-C support. Ditching the Lightning Port for USB-C might be the game changer for Apple. The company engineers are still in the phase of development and not yet in the reference design stage. The company is currently testing the implementation of the USB-C in the devices and might introduce the same in the WWDC 2019. If the sources are correct, then this might be the most significant refresh to the iPhone devices as support for USB-C will open the doors for users to select a wide variety of accessories.

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