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CDC Said Flu Has Widespread in More Than 45 States

CDC Said Flu Has Widespread in More Than 45 States

Current situation of many people living in the USA is not good since flu season is getting at its peak and according to latest reports of CDC which states it’s been spread in more than 45 states. Many people might not be taking the current situation more seriously but after looking at CDC’s report, they will. According to CDC so far flu has affected all around the country and it has caused 24 deaths. Even though a number of deaths because of influenza is not that much, but one can’t ignore problems which they will face because of such type of illnesses. Health experts from CDC said that many people are not able to differentiate between cold and flu. People are not able to differentiate whether they’re getting symptoms of flu or cold also this could be a significant reason why so many people are getting hospitalized. Patients who have cold are most likely to have a runny nose, on the other hand, those who have influenza will suffer from a headache, fever, etc.

Health experts think many people are taking care of their health and hence not following experts advice to prevent influenza-related illness. So far more than 10 million people have reportedly received flu-related symptoms which is more than health experts anticipation. On the other hand, approximately 118,000 to 141,000 people were hospitalized because of influenza. The country is also facing a problem of Polar Vortex which is an increasing number of patients with cold or flu symptoms, so it’s not easy for health officials to stop this dreadful situation. But most of them are suggesting to follow all required prescriptions like not going out of a home, not hanging out with infected with people.

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