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Climate Change And Air Pollution Is Among WHO’s Top Global Threat In 2019

Climate Change And Air Pollution Is Among WHO’s Top Global Threat In 2019

The world is going through lots of bad times since much major environmental crisis are making people live more miserable than they know. The growing percentage of climate change had created lots of news a few months ago when some health organization predicted that earth’s temperature is increasing at a faster rate. WHO on the other hand has included the climate and Air pollution as one of the significant threats to global health in 2019. WHO and its members came together to create a list of those threats which they think might have a considerable impact on global health. The organization has considered air pollution as one of the top risks for humans which we all have to face in 2019. According to WHO nine out of ten people worldwide are breathing bad air, and the problem is impacting severely on the environment also.

The pollution level has increased because of the rise in the technology-based machines and WHO think the problem need to take seriously. According to the data, more than 7 million people die each year because of the air pollution worldwide. The other issue which is critical for global health is Climate change, and the health organization thinks the global warming is negatively impacting on nature. The use of pollution-generating types of machinery has been significantly increased due to which the pollution level has reached its peak. According to WHO between 2030 to 2050 due to the climate change more than 250000 people might die.

The health organization thinks that even though many countries are sticking to their commitments made during the Paris accord, still the temperature of the earth has warm by more than 3 percent. People need to take more responsibility to solve these significant global health issues.

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