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Due To High Treatment Cost Cancer Survivors Are Facing Financial Problems

Due To High Treatment Cost Cancer Survivors Are Facing Financial Problems

In this world, there are millions of people who died because of cancer every year, but some who are brave and tough can survive from this dreadful disease also. However, according to a new health study it’s been found that cancer survivors are facing lots of financial problems which are making them more stressful than any other average patient. These problems which are coming because of shortage money are making these patients more stressful psychologically due to which many of them are going through severe depression or anxiety. In a study, it’s been found that more than 43 percent of cancer survivors who are aged between 18 to 49 facing money related problem. Although the cancer patients have beat the most dreadful disease, they are still facing financial problems which can’t be easily solved, and thus such situations are making them emotionally broken.

The study found that young adults might struggle the most because they might have to leave their education or job. In such a situation, these youngsters might not be able to get the proper financial help because of their weakness. There is a considerable percentage of young people who have cancer which makes them financially and emotionally broken. Researchers said that some young people might have to sell their house or other security to pay the high prices bills of the cancer treatment. The cost of the cancer drug on an average is $10000 which majority of the people can’t afford. Those people who have insurance might not suffer that much since the big insurance companies usually pay their treatment cost.

Researchers Recommend that the patients and families should openly discuss the problem because talking about emotional stress with loved ones can make them feel better.

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