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Experts Says Vaping Is More Dangerous Than Traditional Cigarette

Experts Says Vaping Is More Dangerous Than Traditional Cigarette

In the US problem of addiction to a cigarette, drinking is the primary issue, and there are many surveys which are trying to analyze this situation. In a recent health study done by the experts, it’s been found that the US teens are getting addicted to vaping and many of them are unaware of its health effects. In the USA many people only know about the traditional ways of smoking, but the new generation is using technology and chemistry for smoking. Many US teens are now confirmed to be getting addicted to this new way of smoking, and experts believe that this is causing more severe damage to their health than they know. According to some experts who have analyzed these teens have said that those who use vaping products have seemed to get the anxiety attacks more often and many of them suffer from severe depression.

In the traditional way of smoking it often affects people’s physical health but vaping, on the other hand, leaves its negative impacts on both physical and mental health of s person. The problem of vaping has increased so much that it’s been found that majority of the high school students in the US are using these new products for smoking and to tackle this problem the Food and Drug Administration has recently banned some vaping devices also. There are many large tobacco companies which are making millions of dollars by selling these highly addictive products. Many teens who excessively uses these vaping products usually face problems like a Headache and vomiting.

There needs to be more awareness among the teenagers about this dangerous habit and government trying to put more regulations on the usability of vaping products, but it’s not enough.

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