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Hospitals Are Putting Restriction Visitors Because Of The Ongoing Flu Season

Hospitals Are Putting Restriction Visitors Because Of The Ongoing Flu Season

Currently, the US is going through the tough phase because of the ongoing flu season which is making thousands of people sick every day. However, it seems like the local hospitals are now worried because its recent reports show that in Monroe County the hospitals are trying to put restrictions on the visitors. The report indicates that In Monroe County many hospitals are seeing an increase in the number of flu patients because more than 478 cases of confirmed flu has been found in the county also 72 people are being hospitalized. Now under such pressure, the health officials and the hospital administration are taking a significant decision of putting restrictions on the visitors in the hospital to stop the rise of flu cases. So far the limitations on visitors have been placed in Strong Memorial Hospital, Highland Hospital, Golisano Children’s Hospital, and Wilmot Cancer Center.

Many hospitals are now not allowing children under the age of 14 unless they’re with their parents or guardians. The visitors are allowed to visit only maternity units to see the newborns which show the importance of the health awareness among the hospital administration. The source says that Rochester General Hospital and Unity Hospital has started restrictions on visitors in their hospitals, and now they not allowing more than two people per patient at the same time. The health officials of the hospital said that while they are trying their best to prevent people from getting flu or influenza ordinary citizens will need to take care of their health and start to follow the required precautions. The flu season is about to get high because recently CDC has warned about it and that’s why so many hospitals are taking precautions to save the patients from getting flu virus.

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