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How To Know Whether You’re Going Through Depression Because Of Facebook

How To Know Whether You're Going Through Depression Because Of Facebook

Sometimes people don’t know why are they feeling low or hollow because of there sometimes people go through depression or anxiety because of social media, and it’s better to identify whether you’re also going through that situation or not. Well, there are many ways through which one will get a perfect idea of whether they’re going through depression or not. If you’re asking yourself some questions in which you’re doing nothing but comparing yourself with others and getting a feeling of shallow which almost indicate that you’re going through Facebook depression. Sometimes people will examine their lives with their friends or any other person through social media and most of the times such type of comparison ends up with a feeling of shallowness. Different types of health experts believe that Facebook might lead to depression, on the other hand, some don’t believe in those things.

Many mental health studies have found that people get Fear of Missings Out (FOMO) because of using social media like Facebook which how shows excessive use of such things might ruin our lives. Many people who don’t know what they shall in these situations and if a situation continues they might go through severe depression and at that time they will have to get proper treatment for their mental health situation. Some health studies have found that those people who are socially awkward won’t post that much of their activities on social media sites since most of them will have a fear of being judged by others. Sometimes people will get low esteem because of social media platforms also it’s not advisable to get attached to such type of things.

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