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Landscape Unseen for 120,000 Years in the Arctic Exposed after Melting Ice

Landscape Unseen for 120,000 Years in the Arctic Exposed after Melting Ice

Melting ice in the Arctic glaciers is the big problems due to global warming. The Arctic glaciers are made up by ice for almost 120,000 years, and they are way too big to excavate. But due to the natural phenomenon of ice melting due to global warming, the scientists can see the landscape which was covered by ice for nearly 120,000 years. The remains of the aminals, rocks, biological creatures and many other things were trapped under the ice glaciers for this much years is now exposed, and scientists are having some good time.

The rocky landscape in Arctic glaciers was covered in the ice till the ice melted, and everything was exposed. The time it happened when the average temperature was 2 degrees Celsius higher than the normal. Currently, two institutes named Boulder’s Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research are working on the inspection and analysis of the exposed land. The scientists are taking the land samples and examining the composition of the samples and many other things which could give us valuable insights about the life situations 120,000 years ago.

The exposed land is the island in Canada which had a tremendous amount of ice before it melted. The land is tundra plains and has high elevation flat rocks, which does not slide the thin ice caps as the glaciers do on the liquid surface. Instead of flowing, the ice caps covered the surface for a long time and protected the contents of the surface for years.  The preserved objects include the old-age arctic plants and the moss, which were the last one to survive the cold weather. With this exposed land, the Baffin Island in Canada is now the attraction for geologists all over the world.

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