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Microsoft to Offer Three Years of Paid Security Updates to Windows 7 Users

Microsoft to Offer Three Years of Paid Security Updates to Windows 7 Users

Microsoft is going to end the free support cycle for Windows 7 users from the next year. Microsoft officially announced that the 14th January 2020 would be the last date of Windows 7 support and the users will not receive any more free updates for the OS. Although there are no free updates, the users can apply for extended support cycles for the next three years. These three years of extended support is not free at all and will cost some money to the users who are interested in using the operating system.

The paid extended updates will be available to the volume license users and not for any individual user. Windows 7 enterprise license users will have to pay an additional $25 for the first-year yo receive security updates. The price would increase by a double from $25 to $50 for the second year and $100 for the third and final year of support. After that, the OS support will be discontinued forever and I the users will not receive any updates. Not receiving the updates increases the risk of exposed vulnerabilities and data theft from computers.

Microsoft is allowing users to purchase as many units possible and there is no limit for buying the same. But once subscribed, users cannot skip a year and have to pay for previous year support before continuing for next year. Microsoft hasn’t informed about the volume support extension discounts if there are any. The introduction of paid extension support will bring extra revenue to Microsoft and will also prompt the users to upgrade to Windows 10 enterprise versions. Extension support for Windows 7 will start from January 15th, 2020.

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