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More Than 25% of The US Jobs Are At Risk Because of The Automation

More Than 25% of The US Jobs Are At Risk Because of The Automation

In the US the problem of unemployment has always been a critical issue since many youngsters in the country are jobless. However, the problem of being unemployed is now not an economic problem because it seems like most of the people who don’t have any employees in their hand are because they lack the required skill, or there’s an automated machine which can work better than them which most of the employers prefer. According to the recent study done by the Brooklin Institution which thinks that the rise of the machines and artificial intelligence will take more than 25% of the current US jobs due to which many people are getting concerned. The survey found that those peoples who work in the administration, personal assistance and transportation areas are going to get most affected because of the automation.

One of the research of this case study said that “If your job is boring and effortless when you’re on the verge of being a jobless person.” Low wage earners are those people whose work mostly depends upon the repetitive labor tasks, and due to the advanced machines, these people are on the verge of losing their jobs. According to researchers, there are many factors which one shall have to take to determine whether a person’s situation is at risk. A person who is well trained or has higher skills is going to get less affected because of the rise of AI since there are areas where the humans will require the most.

However, according to researchers a person’s geographical condition also matters the most while determining the risk of being a jobless due to the rise of artificial intelligence. Even if the chance of being unemployed increased, there are always going to be some areas where humans where machines can’t replace humans.

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