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NASA Satellite Spots Chang’e-4 Rover Landing Location in Stunning Image

NASA Satellite Spots Chang'e-4 Rover Landing Location in Stunning Image

NASA has released a Stunning image of China’s Chang’e -4 Rover landing location on the far side of the moon. The image shows the landing location of the rover and also the rover itself. NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured the stunning image from the far side of the moon, in which the rover occupies only two pixels. The image is taken from 200 miles away from the landing location and covers a vast lunar surface. Chang’e-4 rover was landed on the  Von Karman Crater on the lunar surface almost four weeks ago. It is the first rover to land on the far side of the moon, that is not visible from the earth.

According to NASA, Von Karman crater is 12,800 feet across and is 1,970 feet deep. The image shows us the Von Karman crater and the surrounding craters. The image covers the area of nearly 87 miles, and that is why the small rover got only two pixels in this image. The vastness of space and the lunar surface is noticeable in this image, and without zooming in, we cannot spot the rover.

Chinese Space Agency’s Chang’e-4 Rover landed on the far side of the moon one month ago. It was a historic landing as it is the first time anyone has landed on the dark side. The rover is roaming in the Von Karman crater on the moon and is conducting scientific experiments with the payloads attached to it.

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