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Nintendo to Bring Smaller and Cheaper Nintendo Switch Console in Market

Nintendo to Bring Smaller and Cheaper Nintendo Switch Console in Market

To appeal the budget console gamers, Nintendo is developing a smaller and cheaper Nintendo switch console in the markets. The console will be released by the company anytime in the fiscal year 2019. The Japanese news portal reported that the company is in the final stage of redesigning Nintendo switch console and will release it soon. Redesigning of the old consoles is not new for the company as they’ve done the same with other consoles.

According to Nikkei, the Japanese News website, the company might release the product in March of 2019. The new console will be notably smaller, cheaper and will support all of the Nintendo Switch console games. Nintendo is taking these steps to reach to the customer base that is not comfortable in spending money on premium products. Bringing the cheap variations in the market will not only improve the sales figure but will bring more loyal customers with long-term benefits.  As most of the times parents buy the gaming consoles for their underage kids, the low price might prompt them to choose Nintendo over others.

The Switch console will be smaller enough to fit in the pockets of the users. Currently, it is smaller than the Desktop consoles but not small enough to fit in the pockets. Reducing the size will require the hardware redesign, and the company is getting ready for the same. But reducing the number of features in the console, the price might be lowered. Although all of the reports are from the news media, there is a high possibility that Nintendo will bring the lighter version of Switch consoles in the market. There is no official statement from the company about this news report.

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