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Overwatch Gets Permanent Price Cut from Blizzard

Overwatch Gets Permanent Price Cut from Blizzard

Blizzard is famous for their Overwatch game which is in the heart of most of the computer gamers. The Overwatch is one of the most popular games on the Steam market as there are millions of players playing it actively. From the official launch of this game, developers did not cut the prices of this game, except to the flash sales on the steam. But as of now, Blizzard slashed the prices of Overwatch by almost 50% permanently. The users of the Blizzard shop can now purchase the regular edition of the Overwatch for nearly $20, which is 50% less than the original price.

The company did not slash the prices for almost three years before today. Blizzard was expected to inform the users about the price cut in this most famous game, but they did nothing to inform users. The 50% price cut is for the regular edition. If the users opt for the legendary edition, they have to pay $40, which is 33% less than the original price tag. Even though the legendary version is pricey, purchasing it will give you more enjoyable experience as the users get access to all of the legendary characters in-game.

As the company did not share any details or the reasons behind the price cut, everyone is clueless. But as per the assumptions, Blizzard slashed the prices of Overwatch because of the increasing popularity and to encourage others to join the overwatch community. As the prices cut is permanent, it is the wise idea to purchase the game and start playing it with the community members. With this move, the expectations of fans about the Overwatch 2 are also slashed as the price cut indicates the unwillingness of the company to introduce a new version of the game.

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