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Popular iPhone Travel Apps Are Secretly Recording On-Screen Activity of the users

Popular iPhone Travel Apps Are Secretly Recording On-Screen Activity of the users

iPhone users flaunt unmatched security for their devices. But recently, Apple is failing to provide enough protection to its users, as FaceTime bug has unveiled a significant vulnerability in the Apple Ecosystem. According to the revelations from a popular tech news website, some of the favorite travel apps on the iPhone are secretly monitoring and recording the on-screen activities of their users. Most of the apps are very popular and from big companies like Hollister, Expedia, Air Canada, and many others.

These travel apps are suspected of stealing the information without your permissions, and that is the apparent violation of your privacy. These apps were recording the screen swipes, taps, and other interactions with your devices. The data collected from the iPhones were being used for promoting their services. Also, some of the apps sold the information with other advertisers without asking for your permission. Almost all of the apps were using the customer experience survey firm Glassbox’s Screen Replay technology. This technology allows app developers to record screen activities. Although, taking proper permission was necessary, but none of these apps took any permission or admitted a bunch of users as testers to check out their experience with the apps.

All of these apps were recording the entire screen and not certain parts of the apps. According to the TechCrunch report, Air Canadas app was also recording the payment page and exposed the credit card numbers; Apple Store Privacy policy does not allow developers to use the background screen recording. But, when the app is running, there is no permission needed to record the screen interactions, and the travel companies did the same to get the data of user interactions while using their apps. As of now, Apple has not removed these apps from the App Store.

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