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The Trump Administration Is taking Major Steps To Eradicate Problem Of HIV

he Trump Administration Is taking Major Steps To Eradicate Problem Of HIV

Many people in this world might not want to get diagnosed with HIV AIDS; however, there’s a piece of good news for all those people because according to recent reports Trump administration is taking huge actions to eradicate the problem of HIV AIDS. A few days ago Donald Trump said that he is going to implement a health care strategy which will eliminate the issue of HIV AIDS in the USA. Department of health has already been establishing lots of care centers to help HIV patients. Health Secretary Alex Azar said in an official statement that Donald Trump finds a great opportunity which a president rarely gets to prove to people that he is right. Currently, the US has one of the most advanced technologies which will help trump administration to achieve their target. Health Experts thinks there are many programs which have been implemented in cities like San Francisco, New York, Washington, DC which are helping people who are diagnosed with cancer.

Brett Giroir who is the assistance of HHS said that he has a proper plan of curing HIV AIDS within a period of next five years and what that plan need is strong support from top executives. Many health advisors think that they can eradicate this problem if patients of HIV get a proper diagnosis at the early stages. Sometimes it’s better to start slow but early to reach your goal correctly, and it seems like that’s what most of the health experts are thinking. The ongoing plan will also include a local HIV task force whose principal object will be to help all local citizens to get proper medicine at the early stages of HIV. However, while this plan might sound tremendous but many Democrats and patients of HIV are waiting for it to happen.

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