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The US Government Is Desperate To Stop Huawei, But It’s Failing To Do That

The US Government Is Desperate To Stop Huawei, But It’s Failing To Do That

Currently the business and politic are shaking their hands with each other amid of this trade war disputes between the two big countries. Because recently the US government again showed their major concern over the rise of the Chinese tech company Huawei. Huawei is that tech company in the world which has successfully built the 5G technology and now ready to give its high-end services across the world but the US might not going to let that happen quickly. The trump administration is in no mood to let Huawei win and dominate the 5G technology. Whoever gets ahead in this business sector get the opportunity to create their dominance and even monopoly also, Huawei is in the same condition since it’s the only tech company which is trying to launch its 5G enabled devices across the world. However, due to the trade war disputes and some political issues the company is facing lots of challenges.

Recently US justice department filed a case against Huawei’s CFO in which they stated that the company’s chief financial officer was engaged in financial misconduct and they’re collecting more evidence to make their case strong him. The Trump administration is already in talks with its allies to not let Huawei product in their countries and such partners include Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc. There are many serious accusations made by the US officials regarding the usability of Huawei’s products, and one of them was that this tech giant Chinese company is giving its users data to the government of China secretly.

However, even after that much allegations and pressure Huawei still dominated the smartphone industry not only in China but also in many major countries too. Huawei has already signed a contract with more than 30 mobile carriers and looking forward to making 50 more agreement in this year.

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