The Senate is fast-tracking the process of legalizing hemp as an agricultural product. The bill was proposed in front of Senate in the last week by Mitch McConnell, the Majority Leader. This procedural move is generally termed as Rule 14, which allows skipping of a committee process and lead the case directly to the Senate. This is nearly a final step which concluded that either the bill is getting votes or not.

A spokesperson for Mr. McConnell said that they don’t have any further information regarding the bill and hearing. The progress and updates on a case will be known within the hearing. The bill is recognized with the name “Hemp Farming Act of 2018,” which will authorize the hemp and will eradicate its name from the ‘federal list of controlled substances.’ After legalizing hemp, it will be sold as an agricultural product.

Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant that is mainly harvested for industrial uses of its derivatives. It can turn in to another commercial item including paper, clothing, textiles, biodegradable plastics, insulation, paint, biofuel, animal feed, and food.

The legalization process of hemp will allow states to execute their own plans to propel the growth of the hemp industry. This will be beneficial for generating jobs and creating new opportunities for farmers, said McConnell in a statement. He added that last month he planned to put forward the bill and now it is in the Senate. Alongside with McConnell, Rand Paul, Jeff Merkley, and Ron Wyden are supporting the bill.

The legislation will offer hemp researchers to apply for the Department of Agriculture grants and make farmers worthy of the crop insurance.

WDRB the local channel at Kentucky in the US marked that the Department of Agriculture is running a pilot program of the bill. whereas, a team at the University of Louisville is harvesting the yield. This will be used in the exploration of study regarding the biofuel and other energy sources.

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