On the basis of past earnings and IBM reports that triggered auction, the number of was not so firm. Shares of IBM have fallen over 5% within few hours after the numbers came out. These numbers represent the performance of IT peers, investor patience, and promising major top and bottom-line reversals. IBM reported revenue of first-quarter – US$ 19.07 billion, adjusted EPS of US$ 2.45, and analysts suggested the revenue of US$ 18.83 billion an EPS of US$ 2.45. These figures dos do not influence auction significantly among others in spring 2016. However, they appeared softer when the revenue came up as per 5 percent growth, as the growth rate of Q4 resulted as 3 percent.

Furthermore, many tech firms have posted strong and firm reports from January, which has raised hopes for IBM. Many reputed market firms have predicted the growth rate of 6.2% for this year. Additionally, IBM’s Q1 disappointed a bit, it fell to gather 70 points which can be a43.7% and 30 points which is 44.1% after their back out.

Lowering margins have hurt by US$ 375 million and US$ 130 million in IP income. It was expected that EPS of IBM will be profitable for maintaining profit of the company with 16% tax rate. Also, increase of stock buybacks of US$ 800 million. Jim Kavanaugh, Chief Financial Officer of IBM said that storage performance is very disappointing. IBM’s rivals such as HP Enterprise and NetApp are reporting better growth rate than IBM. Though, many market research firms claimed that until the year the company will witness the growth rate of 11% to 12%.

IBM’s Cognitive Solutions segment is the most profitable which registered the growth rate of 6% and 2% in CC. This segment of company undertakes the software and services businesses in fields such as databases, consulting, operating systems, business process outsourcing (BPO) and tech support.

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